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If you are pregnant, you have probably already realized that there is a lot to learn about caring for a new baby. At Choices Medical, we offer free classes to help raise healthy, confident parents so that YOU can raise healthy, confident kids.

Why would a parenting class be a good choice for you? Here’s a few reasons:

It’s practical. On a purely useful note, these classes arm you with vital information about how to care for a very small, delicate human being. You learn about the physical development of your child, their needs at different stages—even things like how to properly change a diaper! Not only do you learn about your child, but you also spend time learning about yourself, your needs as a parent, and how parenting affects your relationship with your partner. This includes things like conflict resolution, financial principles (babies are expensive!), time management, and much more. This provides you with the hands-on, know-how info you need to parent with confidence.

It’s personal. There are tons of books, articles, and other resources you can read or watch to help you learn about parenting (and we can recommend some to you!). But one of the great things about taking a parenting class is that you get to do it with other people who are in similar situations. You can ask questions to real medical professionals, get advice from seasoned parents, and get help for your unique needs in your unique circumstance. This provides you with the resources and tips you need personally to parent with confidence.

It’s supportive. Luckily, you aren’t the first person to become a parent…and you won’t be the last. Taking a parenting class can get you connected to other new (or new-again) parents who can relate to the journey you are on. It is a great place to make friends, and a safe space to share struggles. We recognize that some people didn’t have healthy parents themselves when they grew up, and perhaps that makes the prospect of BEING a parent seem much harder or scarier. That’s why we’re here to help. We believe that with the right support, the right resources, and a healthy dose of determination, you can be a healthy, confident parent no matter what you’ve come from. We are here to support you, your baby, and anyone else helping raise your baby (partner, family member, etc).

Whether you are feeling excitement, fear, happiness, worry, stress, or anything else, taking a parenting class can give you a place to express those feelings and answer your questions. At Choices Medical, we don’t just care about you having a healthy pregnancy—we also care about you being a healthy parent. That’s why our classes are free to anyone in the community. If you are interested, give us a call at 417-624-8030. We’d love to talk with you!

Resources available upon request.