Best Abortion Alternative Clinic & Options Near Me | Joplin MO

Are you looking for local abortion services in Joplin?

When considering an abortion, your health and safety are important.

Choices Medical Services of Joplin does not provide or refer for abortions but our staff can provide a safe and confidential place to assist you in acquiring medically-accurate information as you make an informed choice. Click here for more information on scheduling an appointment today.

Your health and safety are important to us. If you think you are pregnant, find out for sure! Take the steps to get the medically-accurate information you need.

  • hCG urine pregnancy test
  • Limited OB ultrasound
  • Gonorrhea and Chlamydia testing and treatment
  • Doctor consultation

When abortion is an option you are considering, our services can help you in your decision. Our medical grade hCG urine pregnancy test can confirm your pregnancy, and a limited OB ultrasound can determine if your pregnancy is viable while also giving you vital information on your pregnancy’s development. This is important information to have when reviewing the abortion options available to you.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, having gonorrhea, chlamydia or bacterial vaginosis can increase a woman’s chance of having an infection after an abortion procedure. This is important because more than one million pregnant woman are annually diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection.

Before scheduling an abortion procedure, make sure you confirm your pregnancy through a medical grade hCG urine test, receive an ultrasound to determine pregnancy development, and are tested for any infections that may affect your health. Choices Medical Services provide STI testing and treatment at no cost to the pregnant woman. For more information on scheduling an appointment, click here.

At our clinics, gonorrhea and chlamydia testing can be performed with the same urine sample that you provide for your pregnancy test. If you test positive for one of these infections, treatment is available at no cost to you. Testing and treatment appointments are also available for your sexual partner.

Click here to make an appointment for your health and safety.