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Whether your pregnancy was planned or a total surprise to you, the fact of the matter is—there’s a baby bump ahead! And along with it, a lot of changes to your life.

You may need time to adjust to the new reality of the baby growing inside of you. That’s normal! Take the time that you need. After that, however, there are others in your life that will want and need to be informed of this change. Here is a list of those who you may want to notify so that they can begin supporting you in this new journey:

Partner: The majority of the time (whether this was planned or not) it will be important to notify your partner that you are pregnant. You can’t get yourself pregnant—as they say, “it takes two to tango.” The person with whom you created this baby, whether intentionally or not, has a right to know that their DNA is making up half of a new person.

However, we recognize that there are times when informing the father of the baby may be dangerous or detrimental to you or your baby’s health and safety. If that is the case, please reach out to us at Choices Medical, and we can help you find resources to give you and your baby the best protection and care possible.

Family and Close Friends: Most people want to include their family and close friends in on this big news. Because many people’s families and friends act as their support system, telling them of the upcoming changes can help them know how to help you. However, there is nothing that requires you to tell your family or friends— if telling certain people in those groups would put you or your baby’s well-being at risk, then you may want to keep your news confidential.

Physician: One of the most important (and essential) people you need to inform of your pregnancy is a doctor. Your body will be changing a great deal during the next 36-40 weeks, and you will need to find an OB-GYN (or a nurse-midwife, if you prefer), to help guide you and your baby through a healthy pregnancy.

Employer: For many women, it is safe for them to continue working as usual up until or close to their due date. However, with the possibility of medical restrictions, and the knowledge that appropriate maternity leave will be needed after giving birth, your employer will need to be informed so they may prepare accordingly. Most expecting mothers experience some levels of fatigue, morning sickness, shortness of breath, and frequent urination, and many experience more challenging symptoms as pregnancy continues. These may affect your ability or desire to work as well. You and your baby’s health are of the utmost importance, so jobs that require a lot of physical labor or long hours standing may need to be lessened as your pregnancy progresses.

The Public: Many people also choose to make their news public information. Some people enjoy using social media to announce their pregnancy because it allows others to celebrate and congratulate them. Some prefer to keep it more private, not sharing any public information until the evidence of their changing body becomes too obvious to hide.

How do I share this news?

There is no right or wrong way to inform others of your pregnancy. If this was a planned pregnancy or a welcomed surprise, then there are many creative and fun ways to share the news. It may be a very joyful and momentous occasion to share with loved ones. Click here to read some examples of imaginative ways to announce the addition!

If this was an unexpected surprise leaving you feeling anxious or overwhelmed, telling others can be more difficult. This can be especially hard if you don’t have a good support system in place. If that is the situation, we want to help! At Choices Medical we can offer you a medical-grade pregnancy test (just to be sure, if you can’t believe it!), and if you test positive, we can also offer a limited OB ultrasound. Having comprehensive, confidential, and compassionate medical care is a great place to start if this is coming as a shock or worry to you. We can also provide options counseling as you think through how to proceed and what your next steps are.

In addition to services for you, we can also offer services for the father of your baby or whoever else is planning to support you during your pregnancy. In fact, we encourage you to bring them along!

For the changes you are facing, and the “bump ahead,” know that you are not alone!

Resource available upon request.